Corporate Weightloss Challenge – Get Your Employees Motivated!

You know that about 66 percent of people Are overweight or obese, which increases their risk of other disorders, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Health experts consider a individual obese when she or he is 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight. Obesity has been associated with disability expenses absenteeism, decreased productivity expenses and medical bills. Billions of dollars are lost to Worker reduced productivity and absenteeism. It is been calculated that obesity in a firm with 1,000 employees’ purchase price is about $285,000 annually in absenteeism and increased costs.

The world is quickly Discovering the advantages of making a fitness program. A exercise program reaches far beyond weight loss and has the employer in addition to a lot of benefits to the employee. Employees are going to have concentration that is better, feel about their performance, have more energy, a decrease in stress and improved health. Employers will notice a diminished in staff turnover, an increase in productivity and an increase in morale and teamwork.

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Step one is to get the Employees involved with this corporate weightloss challenge program. It is really hard to get employees to participate in a weight reduction program. A fantastic way is as a worker weight loss challenge. A challenge provides the feeling of competition. A great deal of times workers are motivated if there’s a contest and incentive to take part. Before You Begin putting an Worker weight loss challenge take under account the age and your staff’s physical fitness levels. Be sure that your program is available to all workers. Start by building a fitness group of interested and motivated workers. The fitness team ought to be responsible for organizing group activities. Assign a gym to the group.