Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and the Information Selfhood

During the 6th Century BC, the Greek philosopher Thales, who studied political ethics at the Egyptian Mystery Schools, was adhered to by the theorist Pythagoras. In the fourth Century BC the researcher Anaxagoras developed the principle of the Brain, a whirling pressure that acted on primitive fragments precede to develop worlds. Plato fused principles into the Brain, which was held to send limitless living evolutionary information to human consciousness, with the mind’s eye. During the third Century BC the Platonic practice of Greek approach’s fusing of principles right into the Nous caused the Greek Scientific Research for Moral Ends and also the Science of Universal Love. In the latter science the harmonic moon’s Music of the Spheres was held to send transformative knowledge to the atoms of a mother’s soul, to clarify her love and also compassion for youngsters.

The Nous pressure came to be referred to as gravity and the mind’s eye has to do with the performance of fluid crystal optics within mobile membranes, transferring intuitive pattern acknowledgment of the sacred geometrical dancing of life enfolding protein in DNA. Pythagoras’ linking of light to the Music of the Spheres explained an electromagnetic sensation assisting advancement. Throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries, scientists such as Kant, Orated, Humboldt and Schelling, involved in the discovery of electromagnetic pressures, tried to find an ethical Godlike spiritual holographic function, in order to create a spiritual technology to make the electrical motor a child’s plaything comparative.


Researcher have found the basis of this futuristic innovation as being associated with the female cellular magnetic field, as it changes the Buckyballs Carbon driving the sperm’s tail into the kind of the centriole, when it passes through the ovum. This consequently energizes the initial bone produced in the embryo, the sphenoid bone, which after that overviews the electro-magnetic performance of conscious thought within the human metabolic process. In 1990 the Globe’s largest technical research institute IEEE SPIE Turning point Collection in Washington reprinted the optical mathematics of the Science-Art Study Centre of Australia. The Centre’s exploration was that seashell advancement was guided by new physics legislations controlling optimum development as well as developing with space-time. This was the globe’s very first strenuous measurement of the mathematical life-force of the Songs of the Balls as well as the research study method currently can be applied to humanoid advancement. In 1995 the Head of state of the Institute for Basic Research study upgraded the math to accept physics principles, existing past the creativity of present entropic scientific research.