Facilitating Continuous Testing and Delivery Through Leant

HP LeanFT has been explicitly produced for software designers and testers. It is another robotized testing arrangement that guarantees constant testing and nonstop conveyance of an application. It very well may be effectively coordinated into existing advancement systems. It hence helps in fast turn of events, testing and convey secure and more excellent applications. The test contents can be written in C# and Java.

In the current day showcase, it is significant for organizations to push ahead with speed and nimbleness. It needs to profit by the open doors for conveying new arrangements and business frameworks. This has brought the Agile Methodology into training which actualizes the guideline of persistent testing and ceaseless conveyance over the customary consecutive conveyance process. This moves the testing procedure more towards the left by executing testing ahead of schedule into the advancement cycle.

HP LeanFT executes the idea of move left by utilizing the key attributes of the Agile advancement system. It incorporates consistently into the current situations and structures which bolster the test driven and conduct driven turn of events. It is an incredible and light-weight test automation instrument. Test contents here can be written in C# or Java.

Advantages of HP LeanFT:

Quicker Delivery:

The extensive arrangement of devices gave by HP LeanFT quickens the plan and support of the tests. The Object Identification Center in it consequently creates the codes and deliberation models for the application under tests.


HP Lean FT improves the joint effort between the designers and automation builds by giving venture layouts to the standard unit testing structures. This decreases the application testing time and aides in the early distinguishing proof of the imperfections in the improvement cycle.

Diminished expenses:

HP Lean FT completely coordinates with the current IDEs and furthermore gives the related modules. With test creating ability utilizing C# and Java, engineers can use similar assets and a similar improvement condition and visit


The Application Defender of HP quickly finds the vulnerabilities and the irregularities of the software during the turn of events and the test stages. Here changes to be made are less exorbitant. The HP Application Defender offers persistent, constant testing.

Proficient Expertise:

HP LeanFT is bolstered by HP Enterprise Services. This assists with conveying top notch, key applications quicker on Agile and DevOps Environment. This grows the abilities of HPES to recognize and dispose of the deformities in the improvement cycle further quickening an opportunity to market of the application.

HP LeanFT is additionally coordinated with Application Lifecycle Management, Mobile Center and Quality Center. It decreases the expenses of upkeep, share test assets and convey Mobile Applications.

The functionalities of UFT (Unified Functional Testing) are joined with the key highlights of Selenium to frame Lean FT accordingly giving the clients the best choices from both the apparatuses.

DevTesters, Subject Matter Experts and the Test Automation Engineers are the three fundamental focused on clients of LeanFT. It is simpler to utilize LeanFT with a current information on UFT. The relocation of UFT contents to LeanFT can be practiced through demonstrated movement apparatuses. Utilizing movement devices make the undertaking simpler and astoundingly with library documents which are predefined for mapping the programming curios of UFT into the relating techniques for LeanFT.