How long will it take for the birth control pill to work?

The time period that any method of birth control takes to work varies as every one of the same will have its own specialities. Some would start working very sooner and some would take time. It is based on how effective the specific method will be on the individual that has taken up. Some barrier methods like condoms that are used by both men and women would work very immediately if it is used correctly. But whatever be the type of birth control pills, it definitely takes some time. Check morning after pill to see if it would be right choice for you.

Read this article to know more about how much time will it take for the birth control pill to work in the body when consumed. They are as follows,

  • Even though the methods that you use for birth control are effective, there are some human errors that mainly becomes the cause of unplanned pregnancy. This has to be taken care of by the individual only. Not every birth control pill will act well on all people but some might cause adverse effects and risks also. It is always better to consult a doctor before taking any pill and not do any self medication by taking examples of your friends and relatives that suggested the same.
  • Pills that are taken orally will cause the ovulation to not happen, thus the sperm will not reach the egg and causes an Embryo. Progestin only pill will possibly take only 2 to 5 days to work and is immediate when compared with other methods. Combination pills that are available with estrogen will take almost 7 days to work. If you want a very good effective birth control pill, then morning after pill might be the right one.