How to Deal with Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft?

Computer viruses often cause most of the problems on your PC that may need an expert assistance of a computer repair professional. While tamer viruses might just cause a system slow down, the most brutal ones may compromise your information, damage your PC, and even cause damage worth billions of dollars. As computers are intended for interconnecting viruses can travel from one part of the planet to another in under moments taking away all of your information and systems files.

Code Red 2001: This virus that caused over 2 billion in damage had been named after the pop its discoverers were drinking. The virus piled in the systems running the Microsoft ISS web server and subjugated flaws in its indexing program. After infecting a computer, the virus began exploiting different systems from theĀ pornographic virus alert from microsoft and finally crept to the White House’s server. Strangely enough, only a month ago before the attack, Microsoft had issued a safety bulletin advising their users to install a security patch so as to safeguard them from a possible attack of this type.

Conficker 2007: This pig also exploited the weakness within Microsoft Windows OS and caused damage worth 9 billion. The worm was so advanced that it gained administrator access on infected systems and began infecting the networks of the French Navy; the British House of Commons; the U.K. Ministry of Defence; the Manchester City Council and police department.

So Big 2003: The So Big virus appeared like a simple message from a buddy, but acted like a Trojan that caused 37.1 billion worth of damage. The worm targeted programs with Windows OS via email account of the consumer. The malicious virus generated emails with subject lines such as Thank you. Ore: Details, and had a seemingly benign attachment. After infiltrating the computer, the So Big virus sent copies of itself to contacts stored in user’s email accounts. Until now, Microsoft is offering a 250,000 reward to acquire any clue about the inventor of the So Big virus.

My Doom 2004: According to its name, My Doom was among the most devastating viruses in history which caused 38 billion in damage. It is growth rate was much quicker than any other worms Found up to now and it attacked computers with Microsoft Windows via user’s email accounts. The worm emerged in user’s email account with a subject line Mail Delivery System, Test, Mail Transaction Failed or Error. On opening the email, the virus attacked Computer’s shared folders and sent emails to contacts stored in infected PC’s contact list.