For what reason Does the K-3 Visa Require a K-1 Application Structure?

An inquiry upon the lips of many individuals who research the K-3 marriage visa is: the reason do we utilize an alternate application structure? The K3 visa was at first planned as an approach to getting mates of American residents to the US in as quick a way as could be expected. A while ago when the US Citizenship and Movement Service was alluded to as the Migration and Naturalization Service (INS), the exemplary I-130 application for an IR-1 or CR-1 Outsider Mate visa required up to three years to settle. This present circumstance brought about an enormous overabundance of petitions and is possible an explanation hidden INS’s reshuffle. While petitioning for a marriage visa, the primary stage is documenting an I-130 request. Should the couple choose to apply for a quicker visa, then, at that point, they can present an application to USCIS. This stage can happen after the underlying appeal has been gotten by the legitimate Migration office.

Somehow or another the K3 visa (supplemental marriage visa) is like the V visa, which was intended to break the logjam of cases including relatives of those legally occupant in the US of America. At the hour of this composition, the V Visa Bankervn class is being utilized less and less frequently on the grounds that the legal arrangement is successfully sun-setting. This does not manage the first inquiry: why present a K-1 visa application when a marriage visa is being looked for? Set forth plainly, it was presumably less complex and more affordable to utilize the I-129f application structure as opposed to make a totally new report to be utilized only for the K3 marriage visa. For those unenlightened in managing the US Citizenship and Movement Service, documenting the legitimate desk work is basic to getting an endorsement from the officials working for the Service. Likewise, contingent on the visa being looked for, the investigation contrasts. Hence, the obligation to prove any claims might be unique in the event that one is looking for a life partner visa versus a marriage visa. It ought to continuously be lay: to the US government is certainly not a successful method for getting a US visa. A methodology for example, this could bring about a finding of lawful prohibition and hence cause more work, deferral and bother to get the visa at last.


The K-3 Marriage Visa is a various reemergence visa that empowers you to return your Thai mate to the US and change her status towards turning into a Legitimate Super durable Occupant. Notwithstanding, the K-3 visa application is a more troublesome and involved process, subsequently, the help of a respectable Thai law office is energetically suggested as they can be the wellspring of value legitimate counsel and can act as exhaustive aides towards getting the K-3 Visa.