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Top Web Design Terms and What They Mean

In the event that somebody’s simply let you know that you areHTML, JPEG and PHP for your CMS is not SEF or understanding with W3C rules and you have no clue about what they are referring to, here’s a speedy summary based on normal web design conditions and abbreviations for you:


A program is PC program that shows websites on the internet. Without programs there would be no web design. An illustration of a program is Internet Pioneer.


CMS means Content Administration Framework. A CMS is a framework utilized in web design to add or correct text on a web page.

Information base

An information base is an assortment of information put away on a web server. Data sets are utilized in the web design of search pages.

Internet business Website

Web based business websites are those that are explicitly settled to empower the buy or offer of items or administrations over the internet.


Streak is a Module delivered by Adobe that empowers rich usefulness in web design. Streak is much of the time utilized in the design of games and other enlivened highlights.


HTML meant Hypertext Markup Language. It is the essential prearranging language used to compose web pages.

Landing page

A landing page is the principal page that is shown when a client opens a web program or chooses the home button on the program menu. Individuals frequently have their landing page set to famous or valuable sites, for example, Google or a news source like MSN or CNN.

Hosting Organization

Hosting organizations offer space on their web servers for public deal or rental. Each hi tex it solutions should have a host so working a hosting organization can be a worthwhile business undertaking.


A hyperlink is a connection to another picture, report, download or website that is implanted in a web page.


JPEG means Joint Photographic Specialists Gathering. A JPEG is a sort of picture document and is the normal picture design expected for pictures utilized in web design.


PHP represents Hypertext Preprocessor. It is one more scripting language fundamentally used to make dynamic moving or intuitive web pages.


SEF means Web search tool Well-disposed and alludes to any component of a website that pursues enhancing the deceivability of a website on famous web crawlers like Google.

Web optimization

Web optimization represents Site improvement that is an arrangement of strategies used to help a website’s situation in web search tool results postings.

Web crawler

A Web crawler is a website that has been explicitly designed to permit clients to look for data on the internet by entering key hunt terms to coordinate the pursuit and request the outcomes as indicated by their importance. Google is the most notable web index.


W3C represents Internet Consortium. The W3C is an association that directs norms of web design and development on a worldwide scale.